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solemn novena in honor of st. joseph

Please join us in the Solemn Novena in Honor of St. Joseph from March 11th to March 19th, the Feast of St. Joseph



Like St. Joseph, each of us is called to give loving care to children who are vulnerable and abandoned, like Blake who entered this world alone and helpless with wrenching pain from a drug withdrawal. 

Because of his mother's long-standing heroin addiction, he was put into the arms of loving, nurturing foster parents who were eager to give him the love he deserved.

Unable to reject her strong drug cravings, his mother eventually made the decision to surrender Blake.  Once that determination was made, the foster parents quickly initiated the adoption process and gave him the middle name of Nelson after Father Nelson Baker.

Blake's life has changed because of his loving and supportive adopted parents!

Each time you send a loving gift to help children in need...a gift that provides love and makes their world a better place to live in...you're a "protector and provider" as was St. Joseph.

May St. Joseph ask Jesus to protect you and to bless you abundantly.

To send your Special Intentions so that they can be remembered in all the Novena Masses, prayers, and devotions here at the Basilica, please click the button below.