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Earlier this year, we saw the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedral in France burn.  Then, a man was arrested in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City with gasoline tanks and lighters. These incidents joined a disturbingly long list of tragic accidents that have occurred in various religious buildings over the last several months.


Could such an act happen here at Our Lady of Victory National Shrine and Basilica? 


Here at the beautiful Our Lady of Victory National Shrine and Basilica, we want to be sure that our visitors and pilgrims feel safe.  The task of protecting 40,000 visitors each year is essential.  And, worshippers deserve to be free from harm when entering our Basilica.


YOUR help is desperately needed!


We need to:

  • upgrade an outdated video camera system
  • enhance existing safety measures such as new push-bars on external doors
  • work with our security personnel to increase hours and support additional training.



Your donation will protect and preserve the Basilica for years to come.